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Library Community Embraces Sierra

At the start of ALA Annual 2013, we’re more excited than ever about Sierra as the Library Services Platform of choice for libraries all around the world. Sierra has seen an extraordinary level of adoption across the international library and information community since last year’s annual meeting with more than 450 library systems having so far committed to Sierra, representing over 1,100 libraries worldwide.

Sierra Development Partner: University of Akron Libraries

University of Akron University Libraries (UAL) went live in June 2012 with the Sierra Services Platform: "Our experience of migration and training was smooth, and included a visit from Product Manager Ken Wells, who was awesome," says Susan Ashby, Coordinator of Library Systems. "He and the rest of the team responded immediately to issues we had."

Making the Jump to Sierra

Sierra has known the quickest adoption of any library system to date, according to Library Journal. The libraries that have committed to Sierra are both new Innovative customers, and libraries that are using the Millennium ILS. Sierra represents a leap beyond the ILS to a comprehensive Services Platform.


Feature Spotlight: The SierraDNA Application

A cornerstone of Sierra's Services-Oriented Architecture design is the adoption of PostgreSQL database technology. As critical support of the commitment to an open and reliable system, Innovative has created the Sierra Database Navigator Application (Sierra DNA for short). The Sierra DNA is the tool through which libraries easily view the documentation describing the underlying data structure. This facilitates the query and reporting activities performed on the database.


Go In-Depth with the Sierra Database Navigator

This special issue of INNTouch focuses on Sierra DNA, giving you an in-depth look at a tool that makes accessing and using its open database simple and robust. Sierra DNA: Leading to a Wealth of Possibilities (PDF) digs deep into the database structure and staff tools that make Sierra different. Sierra combines the best of library-workflow management with extensive SierraDNA documentation that creates options for making library technology work harder for staff and library users alike.

Spotlight Feature: The Browse Query

Part of the Sierra pledge is to unify and streamline library workflows and functions. With this concept as a focus, Sierra introduces a Browse Query tool: an advanced search that allows you to search for e-resource and print records with equal ease. Staff can also use it to find patron information and to any other aspect of record data they want to search. In the past, Staff client searches were limited to individual indexes. Now, the sky’s the limit.


Sierra’s Dashboard Brings Customized Workflows to Staff

Library staff can simplify everyday workflow through the use of a customized Dashboard with the Sierra Services Platform. The Dashboard provides library staff with a single point of access to the tools they need to run their library and serves as a personalized space where staff can be creative and add their favorite apps. Through the use of the Open Social public specification, the Dashboard allows a number of components to run together.

Overheard: Sierra Libraries Swap Queries

There’s been a recent exchange of ideas among the Sierra development partners on their listserv about SQL queries of Sierra’s open database. One library shares code to query a range of call numbers from the Sierra database. Another one shares a query of Program Registration data. Yet another expresses interest in querying voucher records for the accounting department. And that’s just the beginning of what deft librarians will dream up to query their own information, to better understand their own data and create solutions that serve patrons and staff alike.


Sierra’s “Workflows” Feature Brings New Efficiency to Staff

Sierra represents a major change in how library staff can administer their library and serve patrons. The user experience is epitomized by what we call Sierra Workflows, which brings together everything a given staff member needs into one place. Sierra’s unified Desktop App allows staff to switch between functions such as acquisitions or cataloging in seconds. With Sierra, you never face a barrier between functions you need every day.